To be successful, your email must be branded so it’s immediately recognizable as coming from your company. This not only increases the impact but also the open rate. So does the subject line, which could be the difference between your email being opened or (oops!) deleted.

Happy clients tell us they love the email invitations and newsletters we do for them — which we love hearing because they’re so much fun to create. We design distinctive email invitations for Mag Mile and an attractive ongoing e-newsletter for Selfhelp Home. And we create eye-catching event announcements for Broadway Cellars to draw new customers into the restaurant.

For Facebook and websites, we create graphics that can link to an event or a promotion. Since visuals draw the eye way more than type, using them is a great way to get attention for whatever you’re promoting.

We also design graphics that can be used for Facebook postings, digital flyers, email and Eventbrite and Facebook events.