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b. creativeWelcome. It has taken me 18 months to finally redesign the iris b. website. I could have given birth…twice to little human babies…or once to an elephant! So I feel like this is a rebirth of iris b. branding & communications and how we present our brand to the world. What we do for clients is to help them develop their brand and communicate it out to the world. So…this blog will be a place to explore ideas that create brand identity, which starts with good design and writing.

It used to be that brand meant Proctor & Gamble …. Johnson & Johnson …. Kellogg’s….you get the picture. Large companies with large advertising budgets to put their brand in front of everyone and create a need to have it. Today, everyone has a brand. You can have a personal brand, a business brand or a combination of both. For most people in the arts and consultants, your brand is you and is reflected in how you personally communicate, how you dress, how you engage and how you treat others. If you are part of a larger company, there is a definite split between your personal brand and your company’s brand. The best company branding reflects the ideals of the people who run it. It’s extremely difficult to promote a brand you don’t believe in, as it is difficult to work for a company whose culture you don’t embrace. –

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